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The Third Eye (also known as the inner eye)

When turned outwards, it destructs. When turned inwards, it enables higher perception, deep focus and concentration. In this way, it destructs the imbalance outside and reconstructs a new order with wisdom and visualization from within yourself. In other words, it consists of all the senses and mind working together as a larger more powerful sensory organ. The Third I uses perception, intuition, creativity, strengths, experience and self mastery to bring about the desired change.

The Third I Business Coaching and Consulting seeks to open the third eye to benefit the individual and team by wiping the slate clean of orthodoxy (preconceptions) and conditioning and enabling them to challenge their own mindset. This leads to exploring their self and results in the recreation and actualization of their goals.

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The focus of our services is in the following areas:
  • Leadership Development and Competencies
  • Positive Change Mindset
  • Strategic & Visionary Development/Communication
  • Career Growth and Development
  • Career Transition
  • Team Development

What Our Clients Are Saying

"I went into the leadership coaching program with a well defined set of goals; namely to improve my independence and ability to deliver bad news. Through working with Teresa, I have definitely seen improvement in these areas, all stemming from better awareness of self and of others. Teresa helped me recognize that I already know how to handle most situations, and build on the confidence to handle more tasks independently. I have also noticed an improvement in my ability to deal with others, largely related to learning how different strengths can be used together, and conversely watching out for and avoiding areas where myself or others may not be as strong. By becoming more aware of how to match different strengths in groups, it has become easier to assemble a balanced team, and to predict and avoid potential pitfalls."
Kevin Simon
Canadian Marketing Services Company
"I believe that there are four indispensible qualities that you must absolutely have in a executive coach and consultant. Trust - the ability to share one’s thoughts openly, intellectual curiosity – the desire to go beyond any standardized testing process, integrity and solid experience. Teresa has all these qualities plus, a passion for exploration and discovery. You can be confident that she believes in what she is saying and that it is fact based. At the same time, she gives you the space and support to build, create and be visionary. As a direct result of her guidance and contributions in our partnership, I was able to develop and act on several strategic business growth opportunities both for my business, and family."
David Schmidt
CEO, DACS Marketing and Sponsorship

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