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Coaching for Leadership Development

For organizations that want to focus on building leadership performance and culture in order to achieve organizational excellence. Leaders must have collaborative, problem-solving and influencing skills as well as an understanding of how to deal with complex processes and inefficiencies. Leadership with a coaching approach is for the managers or leaders that understand or want to understand the connection between individual growth and the outcome. Leaders develop broad capabilities relevant to realizing the organization’s strategic objectives now and in the future. Results are measured against the performance requirements of the organisation for the individual being coached.

Building leader's strategy and vision

  • Clarifying and achieving the desired objectives and outcomes for the proposed leadership development in order to bring most value to the individual, the team, and the organization as a whole
  • Collaborate on developing and communicating a compelling vision for themselves and their organizations
  • Aligning the approach within the context of the organization’s goals and objectives and linking it to performance management, strategic objectives, leadership competencies and core values

Building leader's coaching/positive change mindset

Addressing the broader context in which the leader(s) operate and develop a coaching culture within the organization by using insight, tools and experience. The organization can create an environment conducive to the success of the newly coached leader and of the coaching of other leaders. In the proven ©Adler approach, we use a blend of consulting, workshops and coaching to:

  • Assess current coaching practices
  • Develop or further develop coaching skills for the current and future leaders within the organization to allow them to empower their teams towards extraordinary performance
  • Support leaders in how to relate their coaching capabilities to other roles in the organization

Group coaching for team development

Effective team dynamics can be challenging to create with the constant change and competing priorities in organizations today. Some level of conflict and confusion is inevitable. Group coaching is a very effective method to align the team, create a common focus, and learn how to manage change together. Group coaching enables individuals to understand different perspectives and create methods to best work together as one team. The Team Development Coaching program is an integrated approach to working with groups around specific business objectives. Team Development Coaching has three parallel coaching tracks. It builds competence in:
  • Team leaders
  • Individual team members
  • Overall team processes
By integrating the needs of each individual as well as the group, this approach generates powerful and sustainable results. Specifically:
  • Team members resolve communication miscues, turf battles, or personality conflicts at their source and in a self-correcting way
  • Team leaders anticipate and resolve breakdowns and build commitment for actions and changes
  • The team as a whole works through systemic challenges at the individual, relational, and group levels

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